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I recently found myself taking photos of my bedroom (I need to capture it when it is A. clean B. beautiful and C. sunny outside) and was struck by some blogging inspiration. I have always been a fan of Rifle Paper Co. products, whether it is their wrapping paper, fun wall prints, stationary products or wallpaper (I want it all!). I have had some of my favourite prints showcased in my bedroom for quite some time. Here is what I have done with Rifle Paper Co. 


I take the sheets of wrap, buy a frame that works for me (in this case I bought different sizes of the classic white frames from Ikea) and cut the paper to fit. Super easy and it is like beautiful artwork (did I mention a sheet of the wrapping paper is under $10, so this project is extremely low budget). 


I decided to layer a couple of these prints on my floating shelves. I use this space to feature some of my favourite decor and style pieces that I have collected or recently purchased. My latest buy was that amazing piece of coral from the Nashville Country Living Fair (so obsessed with it!). Utilizing floating shelves, a ledge or an extended shelf along an entire wall is a great way to layer artwork, photography or decor pieces. I myself like to change it up each season and try new looks (use your creativity!). 


Want to showcase something a little larger for your living space? Frame an entire sheet of the Rifle wrapping paper (your favourite of course!). Once again I chose a large white Ikea frame and it perfectly fits the full sheet of paper. This design I chose is a beautiful watercolour ombre in soft blues and mints but the other side features pinks and corals (so cool!). 


This was the perfect backdrop for the space over my nightstand and is interesting to the eye since my bedroom walls fall in that same colour palette. I love playing with tone on tone! It creates a cool contrast with the white frame and draws the eye in to the ombre effect. 


I kept the idea of tone and style with the additions to my nightstand by using warm metallics, strong lines, and blue hues. I also need this space to be functional for me so I have space for a candle, cup of tea or water glass when needed as well keep my staple earrings out and ready to grab when I am running around in the morning. My other two jewellery boxes are used to store my statement earrings and studs as well as lots of miscellaneous goodies (this means receipts and stuff I have just thrown in there). 

Now I wanted to see how other people are using Rifle Paper Co. to update, decorate and create! I came across some fantastic ideas and decided to share my favourite ways to use Rifle Paper Co. beautiful patterns into the home!

place-cards-DIY-1The first is an incredibly easy project from The Inspired Room. These place card holders are so cute for a Spring party or Summer wedding. The DIY on these is great for all those beginners out there or if you’re like me and love an easy DIY project!   


Another simple go-to project is creating a chic gallery wall in your living room, office, bedroom..really wherever and anywhere you want in your home! Pick up some of your favourite Rifle Paper Co. wall prints and frame them up for your gallery. I love this design from Style Me Pretty. All the frames match and all the prints are from the same collection (this would be great for those who love to travel!). It is an organized way to put together a gallery wall and very cute! 


This project I am definitely going to keep on hand for the holiday season (it is definitely too early to be thinking about Christmas but I just loved these so I had to share). These DIY ornaments come from Tattly. Super easy and you can make so many cool and pretty ornaments using any of their tattoos. These Rifle Paper Co. ones are so cute you won’t want to pack them away in January! 


Now I am terrible at painting my nails but I will seriously tip my hat off to you if you can redo this nail art for yourselves. This Rifle inspired design comes from Nailpolis. This would be project for my manicurist but I absolutely love the idea of incorporating Rifle’s prints into personal style! 


It is time to up the difficulty in our DIY projects now. This globe is the perfect hack for the actual Rifle Paper Co. designed globes (that I have been crushing on and now know it is possible to make one myself!). Thanks to A Joyful Riot we have a budget friendly and quite easy way to make one of these for our homes (seriously thank you!). 


Upgrade an old table you have been holding on to or maybe a recent flea market find with Rifle Paper! This project was featured on Apartment Therapy and I adore how they chose to highlight some pattern instead of going with a solid colour. Very creative! 


Go a little grander and use Rifle wallpaper to line the back of a buffet or cabinet. I love the deco style of this project featured on Lonny. It creates serious glam and by keeping the rest of the cabinet very light it is the perfect amount of contrast and visual appeal. 


Go a little bolder with your design and make the Rifle print the focus of your furniture upgrade. This shabby chic dresser comes from Better Homes and Gardens website. It has an adorable and fresh vintage style and pays tribute to the original piece. 


This is one of my favourite finds for using Rifle Paper Co.! It is the ultimate Ikea Hack (this uses a Rast Ikea Dresser!). It is so incredibly chic and looks as though it is a high end dresser from some incredibly cool design store. Thank you House Beautiful for this amazing DIY dresser! 


Go big or go home with this last way to use Rifle Paper in your home. Feature a wall or room in your home in their wall coverings. They are incredibly fun, stylish and the right amount of bold. They will have your home feeling all sorts of beautiful. This image once again come from Lonny!


All of these Rifle Paper Co. projects have me feeling like it is time to up my game when it comes to DIY and design. Let these projects inspire you as much as they have me. Time to start creating! Happy weekend everyone! 

xo Brit