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I am the creator and writer here at Union Grove, a blog dedicated to encouraging people to find more ways to be creative in their lives! DIY projects are a fun way to enhance a space using simple materials to create stylish and classic designs. Baking and cooking are two great ways to create something beautiful and delicious for any event. Individual style can be best expressed by how you piece together an outfit and how you decorate a space. Ideas for all of these are featured here on Union Grove!

Union Grove was inspired by the events that led me to finding my passions for design and decorating. When I was going into my second year of University, majoring in Business Administration, I was diagnosed with an anxiety and panic disorder. It was extremely difficult for me to cope as a full-time student living away from home. Finding hobbies such as baking and cooking allowed me to channel my focus to an enjoyable task and not to my disorder. One of the most helpful pieces of advice I got, going into my final year at school, was to create a sanctuary space that would bring me back to neutral. I took this and designed a space with better flow for my lifestyle and incorporated more aspects of comfort that I could rely on to make me feel safe and at home. It was not until I graduated and moved home that I really channelled into my creativity when I redesigned my room and developed a love for handmade decor. I realized how strongly your surroundings play in your mental and physical well-being and that is why I have chosen to focus my career path on Interior Design. 

There were many times when I thought I was not going to be able to finish my degree and I was so dependant on the help from my family, friends and classmates. The one thing I could do for myself to help cope was to design, create and surround myself by the things I love. Finding ways to express my style allowed me to regain the confidence I lost and gain skills that I now look to apply to my future design business.

Union Grove is about finding ways to introduce fun and creative projects into your life that brighten your day, your home and your life! Join me on this journey of all things style and design here at Union Grove.

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