Wood Pallet Ski Sign

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Quick post for today!

I just recently finished another one of my custom wood pallet signs. This one is for my families ski chalet!

Once I started making these signs my Dad said he had to have one for our chalet.

Even though it is almost Summer this is definitely a winter inspired sign, but since It will be going up this weekend I wanted to share it.

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I changed it to be longer vertically for the space it is designed to be hung in the home. This is a pretty big sign at 50″ x 26″ so it is perfect for any large space on the wall that’s in need of some decor.

I kept it consistent with my past signs using a Dark Walnut stain and the Summer Linen Martha Stewart Craft paint for the letters.

I managed to find some great free fonts through Google Fonts and this one I chose since It reminded be of some vintage ski signs I have seen in the past.

photo 2-6

With it going up this weekend I will be sure to post a picture of it on display in the chalet!

I’m so happy that I have gotten a great response to these custom wood pallet signs! And I look forward to making more of them in the months to come.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


Yoga Inspired Wood Sign

Quick post today! I have had a few orders for some custom wood pallet signs (which is so amazing) in a similar style to the ‘love’ sign I made at Christmas time. I just recently completed a large sign for a good friend who has a strong passion for yoga, both on a personal and professional level.

When she approached me about making a wood pallet sign for her at-home yoga studio I was so flattered and said “of course”!

I followed a similar style as the wood pallet ‘love’ sign, using the same dark walnut stain and Martha Stewart Craft paint, in summer linen, for the letters.

We decided on a size, 40″x 45″, so it was a little larger but perfect as the accent for her main wall in the studio. We also settled on an earthy font that gave a “zen” vibe for her studio and also matched well with the rustic quality of the wood. photo ldngld1

‘Namaste” was the word of choice for Jara, to reflect the mood and purpose of the room. It offers a greeting and farewell for each yoga session to whoever practices in the studio!

photo bdv;d2

I love how the sign turned out and it should make a perfect addition for Jara’s yoga space.

photo jbdv3

I currently have  few more custom signs on the go so stay tuned for more posts on these in the coming weeks.

When this ‘Namaste” sign is up on display in the studio I’ll be sure to post a photo update!

That’s all for today!



Bedroom Renovation

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I wanted to share my most recent project that I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of! My brother Matt and my sister-in-law Leah wanted my help to redesign their bedroom. It is one space that they hadn’t a chance to renovate since they moved in and they decided now was the time to give it an overhaul. I drew up a bunch of suggestions so here is the first phase of the renovation!

The bedroom before:


They are dealing with some darker shades for their decor against a dark tan coloured accent wall. When you are designing a small space, painting your walls a lighter shade will create the illusion of a larger and airier space. Also there are two closets in this room. The one to the right of the bed.


And a double closet at the opposite end of the room. This can create a challenge for the placement of your furniture so that you get the best usage of your space and so you can create a good layout.


There is a limited use of the walls which showed me a great opportunity to introduce some fun pieces to add to their walls and make the space feel more like their own.


Lastly there is a beautiful double window in the room which I want to highlight as much as possible to brighten up the room.

I was asked to create ideas that would compliment their bedding, which is a pastel blue.  So when picking a paint colour I suggested going neutral shades. This can still be a colour but work along the white spectrum. So slight blues or creams. They ended up choosing Pale Oak, which is a creamy off-white shade. And funny enough is one I’m familiar with for a number of the DIY projects I’ve done on the site! DIY Bathroom and Footstool.

It’s such a beautiful colour because it is so light and fresh. Perfect for this space to open it up.

I also suggested moving their furniture to create a better layout. Positioning their dresser against the far accent wall and moving their bed either in front of the double window or, as they chose, with the foot of the bed facing the window. This will allow a more symmetrical look to happen for the bed, without having to worry about blocking the single closet.


The colour compliments the pastel bedding so much better and  immediately made the room feel larger. The bed is in the middle of the room in this picture because we were painting, but when put flush against the wall there is a significant amount of space between the bed and the window! It is amazing what a new coat of paint can do to a room!

Now originally there was an accent wall that was painted a darker shade, a brown, which was just awful! So I suggested a cool DIY idea to make a new accent wall that wasn’t just painting an accent colour.

Lining the wall with wood moulding creates an elegant feel for a room and in this case will draw the eye to the opposite end of the room, making it feel bigger.


Start by planning out your grid for the wall and the wood you’d like, we got 1×4’s. Create frame around the wall and you can do as many squares or rectangles in the grid as you’d like.

After a considerable amount of measuring, getting the perfect placement of the wood and nailing it into the wall you are ready to paint. Paint over he wood the same colour as the wall.

photo hhk4

To create a finished look with no gaps or cracks, caulk the seams and finish painting the inner trim. There is a small gap at the top due to the crown moulding going in overtop!

Now there is a unique accent wall that will be sure to impress!

There is so much more planned for this room so be sure to stay tuned on this renovation!