It is officially the first day of Fall and while some of you may be mourning the end of Summer, I am over here celebrating (Pumpkin Spice Lattes all around!). Fall is my absolute favourite time of year. It is by far the coziest with al of the chunky knit throws, the emergence of chai tea lattes and the insanely oversized scarves (If this makes me basic then I don’t care). It means breezier days calling for layered outfits, cooler nights where I can leave the windows open and all of the beautiful colours that define Autumn. This Summer was so brutal when it came to the humidity that I am completely embracing the beginning of Fall. I put out my Fall decor a couple weeks ago (Check out that shelfie below;)), which may have been a little premature but I was ready for a change. This week I am dedicating my post to Fall decor that will make you forget about the end of Summer and make you Fall for the home! 


Tip: A small touch of greenery goes a long way! Add touches of real greenery wherever you can to get that natural feel without having to spend on fresh bouquets all the time. 


I tend to be a little of a traditionalist when it comes to Fall decor. I love pumpkins (any colour, size, fake or real. I will take them all please!) I love rich jewel tones (jade green, deep aubergine, burnt orange) and I love added textures (luxe velvet, chunky knits, natural wool). This year I am seeing all of these classics in Fall collections everywhere but I am also seeing some new colour combinations and style pairings. One of my favourites is blending pastels with the deep hues. Try pairing blush pink with the dark maroon hues or mixing a burnt orange with a Tiffany blue. Both of these colour palettes are very current and make transitioning from Summer to Fall effortless. If you are looking for something a little more classic but still want “bold” try pairing a rich turquoise with an eggplant hue. These are equally saturated and will lend a chic and dramatic palette for the Fall. 





I love to play with blues and greens but this year since I have a lot of brass and gold elements (including my new round mirror, now on sale at Target!) I put little touches of brownish-yellows and orange to update the space for Fall. 


I have also kept some of my favourite Summer prints out, such as my Rifle Paper Co. peony print and Moroccan inspired bedding, because I love a little touch of floral and the navy and turquoise scheme of my bedding will continue to fit in into the winter months.


Don’t be afraid to mix up Summer blues and pinks in with your Fall decor, it will keep your home feeling fresh, bright and incredibly stylish.


Splurge and invest in a Moroccan pouf and sheepskin that will lend style to any space all year round. 


For my “Fall for the Home” round-up I have gathered some of my favourite pieces for the entire home that will make freshening up your home super easy. I went warm with brassy metallics, luxe with fabrics and incorporated my favourite hue for fall, jade green! There are so many amazing pieces (including some timeless furnishings, I mean that secretary desk though!) out right now and now is the time to snatch them up before they sell out! Now it may be time to put away the seashells and starfish but have fun mixing these Fall pieces with your favourite Summer pillows, candles and decor. fall-for-the-home-1fall-for-the-home-2


Get cozy and enjoy the change of seasons (But let’s not wish for Winter just yet, I am not ready for snow!) Enjoy your seasonal sips and blanket scarves, bust out the Fall booties and lets get creative in the home! Happy shopping and decorating everyone!


xo Brit


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.07.28 AM


Happy Friday Everyone! While we are all getting ready to celebrate this Summer weather (stay cool out there folks) I am over here dreaming about interior design. Why am I dreaming about design you may ask (even if you didn’t I am going to tell you anyway)? I have just purchased my first condo (so exciting!)!! I am a twenty something so my daydreaming of the design possibilities is already getting ahead of me. It was time to bring me back down to earth and start realizing that budgets are a real thing now and that means “Ikea Hacks” will become my best friend (seriously, what would we do without Ikea?). 

Over the course of my interior decorating program I have come to love the Mid-Century Modern style. I find it offers an incredibly stylish balance of contemporary lines, traditional longevity and bohemian cool. It allows for so much freedom when it comes to styling that you can incorporate just about any print, texture and colour that you love. In my ongoing searches to all corners of the internet for Mid-Century Modern living spaces I came across this super chic nook from House of Hipsters. I love its simplicity but distinct attention to detail. While I can assure you that this vignette cost a pretty penny to put together I can also guarantee that it does not have to. 

I put on my Interior Decorator cap and got busy sourcing some budget-friendly options to recreate this stunning space. It includes an Ikea (obviously) shelving unit that provides the same amount of design appeal with its play on shape and proportion; A DIY tutorial for the juju hat (these are so expensive to buy but look incredibly easy to make) that will bring some luxe texture to your wall art; well positioned pops of jewel toned colour with the exact geo print in the source photo and a nordic inspired toss cushion (Etsy is an awesome source for styling the home. If you aren’t using it you are missing out!); and an on-trend Moroccan inspired area rug, equipped with tassel ends (I’m swooning!). Check out these pieces below to create this Mid-Century Marvel for your home!

Design Deconstruction Mid Century Marvel


This little living cove is the epitome of cool and stylish. It has the bold graphic appeal with the artwork. patterns and high contrast colours but remains neutral and warm thanks to the natural textures, rich wood tones and white backdrop. This is such an inviting space (it is calling my name!) and is definitely attainable for anyone who has the restrictions of a tight budget. The Mid-Century Modern style will be a go-to of mine when designing my new living spaces because it is one that can be done with minimal splurging and a considerable amount of repurposing and hacks. Now that is a style I can get on board with. 

Stay hydrated and cool this weekend and happy decorating!

xo Brit

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 2.30.15 PM


I have been on a little bit of a hiatus which has included some seriously busy work days and also a few Netflix-binge days (I am all about that balance). But I am back with a new round-up! I have been getting in touch with the trends out there and have come across one that I can totally get on board with. It is all about Scalloped Detailing when it comes to home decor, interior design and personal style. This trend is absolutely everywhere! What I love about it is that it can be done in a very contemporary way as well as how we classically know the pattern. 


We are seeing scalloped detail in patterns, in hemlines, and in overall design. No longer does a scalloped edge have to feel cutesy or outdated. Now it is being applied in a much stronger and statement-worthy fashion. For instance above we have a staple item, the area rug. This West Elm Scallop Wool Rug showcases strong curved lines which boasts modern flair. It is a statement piece without being overly bold and while still maintaining practicality for a living space. Then we have the Lotus wall covering by Farrow and Ball. It is a personal favourite of mine (So stunning am I right!?). It adds some tropical pattern to a space with its leaflike pattern but also maintains a classic pattern repeat that can be seen in a scalloped design. These wall coverings are seriously luxurious with there beautiful texture and rich colours (I am so in love!). 


Then we have the traditional take on scalloped details and thats with simple edging or hems. I will always love this since it adds some subtle yet feminine style. These appetizer plates by Rosanna are so fun with the edging and metallic detail (I am such a sucker for gold detailing). These would make such a great addition for entertaining serve ware. I have collected some more of my favourite Scalloped products below. Follow the links to shop your favourites!

Trendspotting- Scalloped Edges


Trendspotting- Scalloped Edges 2


 Adding this trend into the home and into your wardrobe will definitely keep you on trend and have you owning it style-wise (slayyyy). The scalloped detail trend is so fun and allows you to play with pattern and texture in a whole new way. Try it out this season and let’s keep this trend going!

xo Brit

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.13.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.14.05 PM


This week I am featuring another Design Deconstruction highlighting some rustic Patio Charm (Just in time for the May Long Weekend. Who’s ready for a cold one?). This design comes from the stunning home of Canadian designer Jillian Harris. You may have caught this look in a previous issue of Style At Home where Harris’ home was showcased, but if not here is a peak at the beautiful patio space she has created for her backyard (Seriously. When can I move in?).


Harris’ home is quite soft with lots of white, cream and grey, as well as beautiful feminine touches of blush pink. There is also quite a lot of vintage inspired finds that make her home a fantastic blend of modern, nautical and traditional. What I loved so much about this home was that when you stepped outside to the patio you were transported to an entirely different space. The heavy use of stone and high contrast with the black and white stripe makes this space feel more masculine and rustic. You still get a blend of styles with the country lanterns, modern bar cart and rustic stool but it all comes together for an entirely different design feel. 


The design of this patio makes you feel as though you are on a retreat away from home while still capturing a cozy backyard oasis (Can we just look at that fireplace for a second? Ah-Mazing!). Jillian has created an inviting space for friends and family to gather and settle in (That I am sure many don’t want to leave!). Hosting a backyard get together would be easy in a space like this which is why I have chosen to feature it in this edition of Design Deconstruction. Follow the links below to create this patio design for your own outdoor space!

Design Deconstruction Patio Charm


Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend (hopefully full of beautiful weather) and enjoy some patio living!

xo Brit

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.56.03 PM


I recently found myself taking photos of my bedroom (I need to capture it when it is A. clean B. beautiful and C. sunny outside) and was struck by some blogging inspiration. I have always been a fan of Rifle Paper Co. products, whether it is their wrapping paper, fun wall prints, stationary products or wallpaper (I want it all!). I have had some of my favourite prints showcased in my bedroom for quite some time. Here is what I have done with Rifle Paper Co. 


I take the sheets of wrap, buy a frame that works for me (in this case I bought different sizes of the classic white frames from Ikea) and cut the paper to fit. Super easy and it is like beautiful artwork (did I mention a sheet of the wrapping paper is under $10, so this project is extremely low budget). 


I decided to layer a couple of these prints on my floating shelves. I use this space to feature some of my favourite decor and style pieces that I have collected or recently purchased. My latest buy was that amazing piece of coral from the Nashville Country Living Fair (so obsessed with it!). Utilizing floating shelves, a ledge or an extended shelf along an entire wall is a great way to layer artwork, photography or decor pieces. I myself like to change it up each season and try new looks (use your creativity!). 


Want to showcase something a little larger for your living space? Frame an entire sheet of the Rifle wrapping paper (your favourite of course!). Once again I chose a large white Ikea frame and it perfectly fits the full sheet of paper. This design I chose is a beautiful watercolour ombre in soft blues and mints but the other side features pinks and corals (so cool!). 


This was the perfect backdrop for the space over my nightstand and is interesting to the eye since my bedroom walls fall in that same colour palette. I love playing with tone on tone! It creates a cool contrast with the white frame and draws the eye in to the ombre effect. 


I kept the idea of tone and style with the additions to my nightstand by using warm metallics, strong lines, and blue hues. I also need this space to be functional for me so I have space for a candle, cup of tea or water glass when needed as well keep my staple earrings out and ready to grab when I am running around in the morning. My other two jewellery boxes are used to store my statement earrings and studs as well as lots of miscellaneous goodies (this means receipts and stuff I have just thrown in there). 

Now I wanted to see how other people are using Rifle Paper Co. to update, decorate and create! I came across some fantastic ideas and decided to share my favourite ways to use Rifle Paper Co. beautiful patterns into the home!

place-cards-DIY-1The first is an incredibly easy project from The Inspired Room. These place card holders are so cute for a Spring party or Summer wedding. The DIY on these is great for all those beginners out there or if you’re like me and love an easy DIY project!   


Another simple go-to project is creating a chic gallery wall in your living room, office, bedroom..really wherever and anywhere you want in your home! Pick up some of your favourite Rifle Paper Co. wall prints and frame them up for your gallery. I love this design from Style Me Pretty. All the frames match and all the prints are from the same collection (this would be great for those who love to travel!). It is an organized way to put together a gallery wall and very cute! 


This project I am definitely going to keep on hand for the holiday season (it is definitely too early to be thinking about Christmas but I just loved these so I had to share). These DIY ornaments come from Tattly. Super easy and you can make so many cool and pretty ornaments using any of their tattoos. These Rifle Paper Co. ones are so cute you won’t want to pack them away in January! 


Now I am terrible at painting my nails but I will seriously tip my hat off to you if you can redo this nail art for yourselves. This Rifle inspired design comes from Nailpolis. This would be project for my manicurist but I absolutely love the idea of incorporating Rifle’s prints into personal style! 


It is time to up the difficulty in our DIY projects now. This globe is the perfect hack for the actual Rifle Paper Co. designed globes (that I have been crushing on and now know it is possible to make one myself!). Thanks to A Joyful Riot we have a budget friendly and quite easy way to make one of these for our homes (seriously thank you!). 


Upgrade an old table you have been holding on to or maybe a recent flea market find with Rifle Paper! This project was featured on Apartment Therapy and I adore how they chose to highlight some pattern instead of going with a solid colour. Very creative! 


Go a little grander and use Rifle wallpaper to line the back of a buffet or cabinet. I love the deco style of this project featured on Lonny. It creates serious glam and by keeping the rest of the cabinet very light it is the perfect amount of contrast and visual appeal. 


Go a little bolder with your design and make the Rifle print the focus of your furniture upgrade. This shabby chic dresser comes from Better Homes and Gardens website. It has an adorable and fresh vintage style and pays tribute to the original piece. 


This is one of my favourite finds for using Rifle Paper Co.! It is the ultimate Ikea Hack (this uses a Rast Ikea Dresser!). It is so incredibly chic and looks as though it is a high end dresser from some incredibly cool design store. Thank you House Beautiful for this amazing DIY dresser! 


Go big or go home with this last way to use Rifle Paper in your home. Feature a wall or room in your home in their wall coverings. They are incredibly fun, stylish and the right amount of bold. They will have your home feeling all sorts of beautiful. This image once again come from Lonny!


All of these Rifle Paper Co. projects have me feeling like it is time to up my game when it comes to DIY and design. Let these projects inspire you as much as they have me. Time to start creating! Happy weekend everyone! 

xo Brit 

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.59.31 AM


Happy Monday Everyone! For today’s post I am going to do another Design Deconstruction. If you missed my first deconstructed design have a peek at the Blushing Bedroom for some beautiful home inspiration. For this post I will be taking a stunning space and breaking it down to its parts to make it easy to replicate in your home! 

Since it is Monday and the beginning of the work week I thought what would be better then some Home Office design inspiration. When I saw this office design (by Style at Home) I loved its simplicity and blend of contemporary with the classic (All about the balance baby!). I gravitate towards spaces that are able to incorporate different styles together to make a room that has its own unique personality and character (Our homes should be a reflection of ourselves!). Not only does this home office accomplish this but it is functional with its ample storage and calming aesthetic. The built-ins create lots of space for working, storing and displaying. I chose to do a faux built-in approach by sourcing bookcases and a desk that can be placed together for the same effect at a fraction of the cost. This space is about displaying the pieces and the books you love while still maintaining its functionality as a workspace. 

Follow the links below to recreate this elegant office in your home. I like to think a clean and beautiful space helps to bring fresher and better ideas (Any excuse to get creative in the home!). 

Design Deconstructed - Home Office Chic


Whether you work from home or are looking to create a space to get work done on your off hours, this office will help you to channel your inner GirlBoss (Yass Queen!). It will be your source for serious Monday Motivation! 

Enjoy Your Mondays Everyone!

xo Brit

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.58.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.58.24 AM


For today’s post I will be doing a little Design Deconstruction, where I take a fabulous space and show you some key pieces to recreate the look for your home. For my first design I have chosen what I like to call The Blushing Bedroom (From Style at Home). This bedroom is simply stunning with its use of layered pink hues throughout. We see the boldest colour from the area rug that truly helps ground the space.The softer pinks are shown in the stacked velvet headboard and pastel linen duvet cover. They compliment the boldness of the rug and create great balance (Balance is crucial in designing a space). Lastly we get a combination of hues and subtle pattern with the chevron in the drapery. 

The accessorizing of this bedroom is where we see the character of the space. We get soft, femininity from ruffled pillows and floral printed toss cushions. The addition of the dove grey nightstand, with beautiful white bone inlay design, makes for interesting texture and a natural elegance. There is a compliment of tone in the tufted quilt layered over the end of the bed. It matches the softness of the space with its velvet fabric and silk border. The nightstand is adorned with coastal inspired decor. There is a coral decor piece, a glass blown table lamp with solid shade and jewelry boxes. All of these are white, which truly contrasts well with the patterns and hues already in the room. This collection of items does not go overlooked due to its unified scheme and the interesting shapes they hold. Lastly we see some modern elegance with the geometric inspired bench at the foot of the bed. Its gold leafing adds warmth and matches the glam set out by the space. It also creates a contemporary flair, also seen in the modern style of the headboard. 

This bedroom is so well balanced when it comes to textures, colours and styles. It makes the perfect retreat for let’s say a 25 year old female blogger (Can this be my bedroom already?!). Below I have found some pieces to help you (and me) put this look together in the home!

Blushing Bedroom - Design Deconstructed


Note*- The headboard from West Elm is not shown in the the pink velvet but the fabric is shown in the image above. It is called Dusty Blush which is one of their Luster Velvets (Tres Chic!). 

Try this look for your home and infuse some beautiful Spring style into your home decor. (Who am I kidding. This bedroom is perfect all year round<3)

xo Brit

Shop It: Rose Quartz

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.50.13 PM

If you read my last post on Pantone’s colour of the year, Rose Quartz, then you know how much I am loving it! It can be used in very traditional ways to add a feminine and soft touch to a space but also can be added to an ultra modern space to balance out a contemporary look. Whether you are looking to add some Rose Quartz to your home or your wardrobe I have compiled some of my favourite pieces in this trendy colour. 

Note: Don’t be alarmed, but there are some serious splurge items on this list (I must have expensive taste). But there are some really affordable and lovely options on this list too if you are on a budget, and sometimes DIY projects are your best friend when it comes to getting chic inspired decor into your home. I never shy away from a good DIY! 

Rose Quartz

  1. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume – Nothing says style better then Chanel and this little bottle of luxury is an easy way to add some rose colour to your bathroom or bedroom. (It is also an incredibly beautiful scent so that makes it extra amazing!)
  2. Montauk Throw – I have a serious weakness when it comes to throws. I firmly believe you cannot have too many (unless you find yourself immersed in throws then maybe it is time to get rid of a few). This Montauk throw is the perfect one to layer in some serious comfort and style power to your living room. 
  3. Mineral Slab Table Lamp – The most expensive item on my list goes to this baby! The Mineral Slab Table Lamp rings in a price tag of just over $2600 USD. I don’t think I will ever be able to afford this (but a girl can dream right?) but it is a seriously stunning decor piece. You cannot deny the beauty of this natural rose quartz slab that has been finished into the base of a table lamp. Pair it with some gold finishing and a classic white shade and you have a statement accessory that will never go out of style (with a price tag like that you will make sure it doesn’t!). 
  4. Moroccan Leather Pouf – No matter what the colour was for the year a Moroccan Pouf was going to end up on this list. I am obsessed with them and need one in my life ASAP! The detail of these poufs is beautiful and they can be used as ottomans or added seating (they are decor pieces as well in my opinion). You can get them in a wide range of colours but the punch that the pink pouf would give to a space would be very unique (and very fun!). 
  5. Chez Elle Creme de la Creme Tray – Rosanna makes so many lovely little gifts and trinkets for the home that are affordable and very chic. One of my favourites is the Creme de la Creme tray in the Chez Elle collection. It is perfect for setting on your nightstand and resting your jewelry on. Gift this cute tray and don’t forget to get one for yourself as well!
  6. Billie Sofa – When I came across this sofa I could not get over how awesome it would look in a modern space. The design of it screams contemporary and the rose colour makes it so appealing on a whole other level. It has a soft hue that would not overpower a space yet enough of the rose colour to draw your eye to it. It is very rare to find a furnishing that is both a statement and a classic piece, but this has managed to do that! (You Go West Elm!).
  7. Blush Hue Dishware – This collection of dishes from Crate and Barrel comes in a variety of beautiful colours and the pastel blush selection is simply stunning. The design is simplistic and very traditional which makes layering them with classic white dishes very easy. Surprise your guests with some unique serving pieces at your next dinner party!
  8. Roar & Rabbit Swivel Chair – West Elm has done it again with this swivel chair. It’s trendy blush hue, pleated sides and velvet fabric make it an ultimate focal point for a room. It would make a lovely chair in a study, in a living room or in a master suite (I would be selfish and keep this beauty all to myself!). I have nothing but heart eye emojis for this chair. 
  9. Voluspa Bella Sucre Jar Candle – This sweet candle has hints of sugar and coconut and comes in a beautifully embossed jar. You can find the Voluspa collection at any Indigo store and if you are like me you frequent Chapters often. A pretty candle is another easy way to add some colour with your decor into the home and can be very cost effective. 
  10. Dior Incognito Nail Lacquer – This long lasting polish comes in some seriously stylish colours but if you are looking for some Rose Quartz try Incognito. It is a lovely blush pink colour that has depth and richness to it. If you are wanting to do a pretty colour without going too bright or flashy then this is the polish to try.
  11. Acrylic Rose Quartz Bookends – Okay deep breaths on this one. These bookends are heavy hitters in the cost department but their beauty is undeniable. Once again we see the natural pieces of quartz that have been defined on their edges with the gilded gold. They are positioned on the acrylic bookends which help to balance the contemporary with natural design. Very chic!
  12. Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag  – I have been eyeing this bag for quite some time and it just so happens to be in the right hue for 2016! This shoulder bag is in cement pink and functions as a neutral so it could be paired with any outfit. I am all for versatile bags and this would make a great one for this year (and next!). 

These are just some of my Rose Quartz favourites but there are literally a million rosy things out there to shop for the home or for yourself! Start browsing those boutiques and online shops and get to shopping!

xoxo Brittany

Colour of the Year: Rose Quartz


Last year Pantone released Marsala as their colour of the year and while I liked the richness of it I was not overly in love with this choice. It was a dark shade that really had to be paired well with other colours in order to be balanced. I am more drawn to a solid Aubergine or the depth of a Burgundy which you get a boldness of hue that can add drama to a space. Marsala was slightly washed out and had an element of brown that caused it to lack in its colour appeal (Bring on the colour!). However this year Pantone has released two colours, both of which are pastels, but make for a brighter palette in 2016.

There is Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pantone gives us a soft, dusty pink that is not overly feminine since it is quite subdued and Serenity which is a misty blue that blends in some purple to round out the colour. Together these colours pair extremely well which makes using them in a home setting or for personal style very easy (Thank goodness!). Together these colours will make a nice transition into the Spring and Summer seasons as well as will pair well with darker and neutral tones for the Fall and Winter. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.36.37 AM

In my search for ways to incorporate this years featured colours I found I really love Rose Quartz and its versatility for different styles of spaces. I scoured Pinterest for my favourite looks that feature Rose Quartz and have incorporated the colour in both bold and subtle ways (either of which I encourage). Let’s have a looksy!

Layer Colour


What I loved about this space was the use of a single chair in the colour to create a point of interest in the room and add an element to base the rest of the colour choices around. The finishes in the staple items of this room are very neutral with soft wood tones and a lot of grey coming through. The Rose Quartz pairs really nicely with these but allows for some colour to come through without taking away from the softness of the room. We see that the linens also have a little bit of rose peeking through as well as the adjacent room is painted in a softer hue of pink. All of these elements create a cohesive look that is very on trend for the year. BONUS: The rose gold pendants (Which I am now obsessed with) bring the metallic trend from 2015 into this design and it pairs so well with the Rose Quartz colour choice. It further displays the contemporary style of the space so it is not to feel overly feminine by the colour choices. Overall I am loving this design!

Go Bold


I am a big fan of going neutral in a space and using one focal point to introduce colour. It is a really fun way to design a space that could easily be washed out (and really boring) by using too much tone on tone colour combinations. What I love about the living space shown above is how sophisticated it remains even though the Rose Quartz was used for something as significant as a sofa. The fact the the rest of the room is very high contrast, with a lot of black and white, makes it easy to add a splash of colour. Even though the hue of pink is quite soft on its own it really shines against this palette making it appear bold. It is a very organized space that could have been a little too blah but has really turned up the chic factor by adding in not only a pop of colour but Pantone’s Rose Quartz! 

Mix and Match


We see that the main colour selections of the room have gone to the two colour trends of the year. While this may seem risky to commit so heavily to two trendy colours it actually makes for a well balanced and serene space. The Rose Quartz is used in varied tones with a very soft choice for the walls and the strongest in the chevron toss cushions. Meanwhile Serenity blue is the main player for the furnishings including the modern sofa and occasional tables. They are brought together with the patterned area rug that seems to tie all of the room’s elements together so well. Even though the room showcases a lot of colour, in this case on trend pastels, they are made to feel very earthy through the use of naturalistic decor. There is also a lot of interesting texture combinations from the area rug, the chunky knit throw and the linen sofa. All of these add to the comfort level of the space so it does not feel busy and instead feels cozy. Don’t be afraid to mix colours! The outcome can be so beautiful as is seen by this space. 



Modern design has become increasingly popular in both urban and suburban settings over the past decade. I appreciate the minimalism that goes into modern design and the use of neutral tones, natural stone and straight lines but sometimes it needs something more to bring it to life! In the case of this office imagine the main wall was white or grey. We would have an almost bare looking space. We do get some great finishes in this room with the area rug, (stunning) hardwood floors and the stone finished wall. They create a very modern industrial style that with the furnishings completes a minimalistic look. But what this space was screaming for was colour! The Rose Quartz softened the contrast in the room and resulted in a look that appears more cohesive then it would have without it. The colour definitely adds some femininity to what would have been and ultra masculine modern space, but together creates a balanced and well thought out design. 

Make it Romantic 


Once again both the Rose Quartz and Serenity are paired together for this table setting. I love how it is done in a very delicate and feminine way. There are simple florals and tea lights for the centrepiece which accentuate the softness of the palette. It is made a little more contemporary with the rose gold cutlery and blue dish ware but overall is a very sweet and classic setting for a party. No more boring table settings! Incorporate your favourite colours and trends when you are decorating for a party and your table setting is the perfect place to start! Florals make it so easy to introduce pops of colour and they really tie this whole look together. 

Whether you are loving Rose Quartz or Serenity try out some new colour combinations in your home for something fun and exciting for 2016! They layer very well (and easily) into so many design settings and will be mainstay colours for each season this year. Be sure to have fun when decorating your home and exploring colour is a great way to do that! Happy decorating y’all!

xo Brittany

My Family’s Ski Chalet

Todays post is all about my family’s ski chalet. Just to put this out there, I did not design this I just wanted to share it because recently some old wooden beams were added and they gave the home an entirely new feel.

This may be a ski chalet but because it is on a large property and surrounded by a beautiful landscape it is an unbelievable vacation home for all year round. I especially love it in the Summer and the Fall!

With the new addition of 200 year old wooden beams, that were taken from an old barn, it now feels, as my mom likes to put it, like a chateau! It has such an amazing rustic appeal and adds a coziness to the space that was missing before. At night it creates a different mood altogether with small tea lights placed in the small notches in the beams.

I absolutely love the end result of the new beams! But I am going to give you a tour of my family’s second home from the beginning!

Starting with the upstairs is the first guest bedroom. It is so roomy and the double closet is a definite plus!

 photo 2-7

photo 3-7

My mom is a master seamstress and made almost all of the pillows in the house. Two of my favourite are these two pillows made from an old french grain sack and are tied at the ends with darling navy blue bows. They add a rustic Parisian charm to this room.

photo 4-6

Off of the guest suite is a half bathroom, fitted with pocket doors. I absolutely love pocket doors and there are a few of them in this house.

photo 5-5

The bathroom is classic, simple and has a lovely basket of toiletries restocked for all our family and friends. 

photo 1-7

Outside the guest suite is a cozy loft looking out over the main living space. The beams now frame the ceiling and add a little more privacy for this loft. The banister was removed and replaced with a custom made railing from the barn beams.


It makes a great spot to cozy up and read a book or sit with a glass of wine and relax. It also makes an extra spot for guests to sleep with the pull-out couch!


Next is the master suite. It mixes black furniture with light textiles and rich wood flooring and trims.

photo 2-10


Off of the bedroom is a full bathroom with the most amazing jacuzzi tub and spa like shower with a built in bench.


The cabinetry and chrome accents give this bathroom a luxe feel.

photo 1-11

When we head downstairs there is another guest suite with a two beds for extra sleeping space. It has a spacious walk-in closet and is right beside a two-part bathroom.

photo 1-8 dvbkjdsbv

What I love most about these spaces are the homemade upholstered headboards, with tufted buttons, and the hammered copper sink. They make the rooms feel unique and sophisticated.


Remember that Wood Pallet Ski Sign I made? Well it is now on display at the end of the hall from this guest suite to the main living space.


Now we enter the main living area. Wood beams now line the ceiling and frame the space. A custom mantle using the beams was made to fit on the stone fireplace my Dad built. Believe it or not it is a faux stone!

photo 2-8

photo 3-8

There are a few gallery walls in the chalet and this one is one of my favourites featuring old and new family photos.

photo 4-7

The dining room table splits the sitting room and the kitchen, but it is all open which is perfect when you typically have a lot of friends and family over. Off of the dining area are sliding doors to the deck my Dad recently finished making.

photo 5-6

My mom and I were very busy over the Mother’s Day weekend updating all of the linens and the decor for the Summer season so fresh flowers and woven accents were a must!



Now we can head to the kitchen.


There is extra seating along the counter for entertaining and notice the stone added to the side is the same as that of the fireplace?


photo 1-10

Lastly I wanted to point out this new antler chandelier. It adds to the chalet feel of the home and adds some more drama to the dining area.

photo 2-9

That is the Downey Chalet or as we call it Oak Hill ! I love all of the natural textures in the home, with the stone and the rustic beams and the finished wood floors. Rustic appeal is my favourite and it works perfectly in this style chalet.


Here is the tiniest sneak peek of the deck outside, but I made that post and sign on display there! So there definately are small touches of Union Grove around this chalet!

photo 3-9

Hopefully the pictures of my family’s chalet inspire you to add some rustic charm and customized touches to your homes!

Take Care,


Spring Decor

Good Afternoon! Finally Spring has arrived and not only does that mean better weather and new fashions but also new decor for around the house! Spring is always one of my favourite seasons because you get to incorporate florals and beautiful bright colours that have been missing over the Winter months. When taking a look at my room I wanted to add in some new art work as well as update my bedding with some new accent pillows.

Here are some of my Spring decor additions!

Previously on one of my floating shelves I simply framed a Tiffany bag to put on display because It was the colour palette I based my room redesign on and also framing a pretty bag is an easy way to add something chic to your walls.


There is a shot of it there with my burlap sign I made not too long ago. My one simple upgrade to my shelves was a new framed item for Spring and Summer to replace the Tiffany bag.
I received a gift for my birthday in February that was wrapped in the most beautiful Rifle Paper Company wrapping paper. I saved as much of it I could to reuse one day. And the other day I thought to myself why not frame it! Vintage inspired signs in floral prints or quotes have become a popular item people are buying to decorate their walls but good quality ones can be costly. In this case I used what I had to make my own. 

photo cbvfs1

I traced the backing of the frame and cut out the tracing from the wrapping paper. Just replace this sheet in the frame and that’s all there is to it. This paper has the colours I love and work so well with the shades in my room. Also it has a vintage appeal which I tend to gravitate towards because I use so many antique pieces and heirlooms when decorating. I could have added a phrase to the wrapping sheet using my Silhouette Cameo, but I love the print so much I don’t mind it just on its own. 

photo kjbv d2

photo bcx3

 I only changed one thing to these shelves but thats all I needed to give some colour and freshness to this space. 

Another new piece I did for my room was a new Thumbtack sign. Similar to a previous sign I had on display.

This time I added a large polka dot design in mint, black and silver and the word “dream”.

photo jlbc xx1

photo jdbf3

The tutorial for these signs can be found on the link above! It is so easy to do and you can use any print on the canvas you like! I love polka dots so I just printed a few circle stencils and painted them how I liked. I overlapped some and didn’t make it a symmetrical print. I liked the randomness of it.

The last thing I did to freshen up my room was I added some frilled pillows to my bed and got rid of the fur throws. Frills are a huge fashion trend this Spring and Summer so why not use them for textiles!

photo jbcv4

I used tan colours to accent because I like to add colours in the Spring with wall decor and flowers. These pillows were from Au Lit Fine Linens, which has some of the best linens I’ve seen but can be quite expensive. They have an attached outlet in Toronto which offers great discounts for their beautiful bedding! 

I swapped out the fur throws for a lighter fringed blanket. And for my tray I found the sweetest mini Orchid! I didn’t even know these existed but they are so cute and add a light scent and colour to my room!

photoslz photo kbdvljd5

Now my decor is feeling a little fresher for Spring! Updating your home for the season doesn’t have to be difficult or costly! And I believe a lot of it can be done using some DIY projects. Try some of these tips when updating your homes for the upcoming months!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Bathroom Cabinets Revamped

For the last few days I have been busy finishing up this DIY project for my parents bathroom. Their cabinet doors were looking a little rugged and outdated so I made it my next project to redo them for literally no cost. All I needed for this reno was some paint and a paintbrush!

These were the bathroom cabinets before:

photo jbvbn1

 They were scratched up and the drab wood stain finish was looking a little out of place compared to the rest of the bathroom. 

I started by removing the silver knobs and set aside all the screws for the hinges so nothing got lost. Remove the doors and give them a good wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. I prepped my workshop and got to sanding.

I used an electric sander to remove any sealer and smooth out scratches. 

photo 3kkub

 The left cabinet door is what it will look like post sanding. I used a small sheet of sandpaper by hand to sand down the edges of the doors and any spots the electric sander missed. Use a damp cloth to wipe the doors clean of sand dust. 

I chose to use Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore for these cabinets because it is a neutral and soft shade as well as I already had a can of it in my basement so its free! 

I applied a couple coats to both sides of the doors and allowed them to fully dry. Once they were dry I used a spray sealer by Krylon in a Matte finish to seal the doors. 

While those dried I used painters tape to tape off the edges around the cabinet frame in the bathroom. I painted the trim and frame the same shade with a small sponge brush. 

When all the paint was dried I reattached the cabinet doors to the hinges and used the same knobs as before. 

Here is how it turned out!

photo bnfldb3

 They cabinets now look like they belong in this bathroom and the soft shade opens up the whole room. 

photo khvk2

 This DIY project cost me nothing and was completely worth the time because the bathroom looks a thousand times better and all it took was some paint!

To further update this bathroom I will be changing the wall colour and removing the wallpaper, replacing the large mirror with something more modern and elegant and lastly adding new lighting to complete this bathroom vanity! Stay tuned on this project!


Decorate with the Silhouette Cameo


For my birthday I got the Silhouette Cameo which is the most amazing machine that will cut just about anything! I got it to make stencils for signs little did I know it could do so much more! I have already made beautiful cards, personalized business cards, tags for Union Grove products, a burlap sign and a cute spring garland for my room.

I wanted to share some of the things I made so far because now I can do so many new DIY projects with the help of my Silhouette!

photo zxn 5

 My burlap sign I just cut a piece of floral lace so it was the individual flowers and made a frame around a piece of burlap board I bought from Michael’s. I chose a script font on Silhouette I liked and using just plain white card stock I cut the phrase and hot glued it onto the sign. I like the simplicity of the sign and texture of the burlap against everything I have on display on my floating shelf. It is perfect for Spring!

photo jbc 1

For my Spring garland I used small squares I had leftover from an old scrapbooking project. They were really earthy textured prints that I thought would make a nice natural element for my room. I chose a doily stencil on Silhouette and cut the shapes, 12 for this garland. I cut a piece of jute and positioned the doilies along the string. using a glue stick I glued two matching prints to cover the section of jute. Repeat this along the strand so you have 6 small doilies. I attached the garland to drape my headboard. Super simple but really cute.

photo c 2

 For Union Groves future business I tested out some business cards and tags for future sales! Here’s how they turned out!

photo bhsdc1

photo kbc k2

I can make so many stylish and unique business cards using whatever card stock I find that I like. I used some just plain navy ones and textured ones like these polka dot ones and white floral lace print. They can change with new trendy prints or seasons which I love!

photo fbfd 3

photo 4

I absolutely love my Silhouette and can’t wait to post future projects I do with it!

That’s all for today!


Heirloom Wall Art

photo KNVD3

 When I was thinking of ideas for wall art when designing my room I thought a great idea would be to showcase some beautiful pieces of jewellery. It is a fantastic way to create pretty pieces to display on your walls for extremely cheap and adds some history to your decor. 

I started by choosing a couple pieces of jewellery that would make a  statement and would make good accents with the colour scheme of the room. I chose one of my favourite necklaces that was passed down to me from my great grandmother. I have so many of her old accessories and a lot of them I display because they are stunning, but this necklace I had been wanting to display for quite some time. It is so elegant and the emerald coloured stones really pop against the mint shade of my walls. 


 It is so intricate and feminine and now guests can admire it.  (So can I!)

The second piece was a newer flower brooch my mom got for my brothers wedding. I liked that it was so detailed and glitzy, to match the emerald necklace, but had a different style in its own. 


 When I had the pieces I wanted to display I bought two black frames from Ikea, some burlap, fluff pieces, a hot glue gun and pins. I applied the foam to the backboard of the frame and wrapped the burlap overtop. I hot glue gunned the edges of the burlap on the outside of the backing, to tightly wrap around. I placed the matting overtop and removed the glass when putting the frame back together. Using the pins I arranged them to hold the jewellery in place by pinning into the fluff. The brooch was easier since it has a pin on the back to attach it. The necklace took much more pins and bending them to make it secured to the frame.

Now I have two art pieces displaying some family heirlooms! Removing the glass of a frame instead of using a shadow box allows you to fully see the texture and design of each piece as well as of the burlap. I chose burlap to give a rustic appeal and balance against the glamorous jewellery.

This is a project for the home that is so simple and really pretty! Try it out for your home!


Antique Displays

photo fngblf1

I have a love for antique finds. They add a cool rustic appeal and gives new life to an old artifact. It is a cheap way to add some character to a space and hunting for the pieces you love is the best part! Antique stores and salvage spots have so many amazing pieces that can be repurposed and showcased in a home. I especially love finding old jars or bottles to use for vases. 

They look great in clusters or as a stand alone piece. I invest in fresh flowers each week so I am constantly creating new looks with my arrangements and vases. My three go to flowers are Orchids, Hydrangeas, and Daisies. They always last the longest for me so I get the most for my money. 

Tip* For long lasting Orchids, keep them in a spot that isn’t too bright or too dark. They are very temperamental and do not like to be moved around as well so stick to putting them in one spot. Also only water them once a week. I found the best way to do so was to use 3 ice cubes for one Orchid. This gives it the water slowly and ensures you won’t over water. Lastly when watering try not to touch the leaves. I have had orchids last as long as 5-6 months, you just have to tend to them well!

photo jdfbvjdbf2

Tip* To have long lasting Hydrangeas, put them into hot water and coat the trimmed stem with Alum. Alum is a pickling spice you can find at the grocery store. Doing this every week or so will keep your Hydrangeas looking fresh longer. 

photo hvdfiv2

I have collected some cool antique pieces such as the aqua stained glass mason jar, pictured above. My aqua stained glass bottle and crock ginger beer bottle I got together for about $10! I added in some new pieces that accentuate the vintage appeal of my antique finds. The mercury glass and mint opaque bottles were both from PotteryBarn on clearance. They cannot be filled with water due to their finishes so they make great accents to my antique vase arrangements. Tying in with the coloured glass, I found another aqua glass jug from Chapters. Chapters is one of my absolute favourite stores to find home accents. They are constantly bringing out trendy decor pieces for the home and their sale section is amazing. My last piece is the birch votive. It adds some texture to my display and is a cute addition for the winter months. It adds a warm glow at night with my electronic tea light inside. I got this for $10 from House Warmings.

photo bvbvfv5

Finding reasonably priced vintage inspired pieces for your home is becoming easier and easier! My white tin jug looks like I could have gotten it from an antique shop but it is actually from Ikea!

Stocking up on antiques or vintage inspired vases, jars and containers is a great way to create unique floral displays around your home. So get antiquing and add a touch of sweet flare when arranging your beautiful flowers!


Beautify Your Bed

photo 332


Given that I live at home, my bedroom is my main space to express my individual style and personality. I have personalized every part of this space to fit my lifestyle and reflect the types of design I love most. To create a functioning room you have to think about the purposes it serves for you and design it to meet those needs. 

In this case my bedroom, specifically my bed, serves the purpose of sleeping obviously! But because this is my go to spot to relax or just hangout it has to be cozy, practical and of course beautiful!

The tips for creating a beautiful bed is to make it the focal point of your room. I do this my layering colours and textures. All of the colours I have chosen for my bed are meant to compliment the minty blue colours of my wall. I opted for a white duvet cover, pillow shams and Euro shams. This way I can layer different colours, depending on the time of year, without having to change the base set for my bed. Right now I have a floral quilt draped along the bottom of my bed and a cozy faux fur throw. Not only do these add colour and texture to the look but they are ready to grab whenever I just want to warm up on my bed and read a book, especially during these winter months. 

Lastly there are decorative pillows. You don’t want to have too many to clutter your bed but a couple to draw your eye in and add some flare. My white rosette pillow from West Elm is a go to all year round. It adds a simple touch of elegance and delicateness. My “All is Calm All is Bright” PotteryBarn pillow is a linen cover that has a chalkboard finish design. It added a sweet touch of holiday spirit over the holiday months but I kept it up to finish out the winter because it balances the pastel, whites and creams really well, plus I love it!

Something I decided to add was a glass lined lattice tray which I found at Target for $15. 

photo 61


I like to lay in bed to read or relax and watch a movie on my computer. Adding a tray to the end of my bed gave me a surface, like a coffee table, to layout some of my latest magazines, my book or a place to put a drink. Dress it up with some flowers and you have a beautiful addition to your bed. Just make sure to take it off when you go to bed or else it could get knocked over in the night and that wouldn’t be good!

photo 221


It is important to create a look for your bed that is functional given the space you have in your room and is a style that reflects you! When you do it improves the appearance of your whole room. 

photo 443

Creating a beautiful look for your bed does not have to be difficult and it is the perfect way to update your room!

Have a Happy Friday!


Ikea Hat Boxes With Edge

photo 3

Ikea is one of my favourite spots to find cute and cheap accents for your home. I particularly love my Kvarnvik hat box trio! They are finished in a burlap material and come in both cream and grey. I use mine to store my scarves since I have so many and have no room in my closet to hang them all. An easy way to add a little more style to these boxes is to line the tops of each with thumb tacks! It was so simple to do since the boxes are lined with cardboard.

photo 1

All I did was sand the tops of the tacks to give a more industrial look, measured the box tops with a tape measure and depending on how many tacks you’d like to apply tick off where you’d like the tacks to go with a pencil mark. My tacks vary from 3/4″ to 1″ apart. Now you can begin to push the tacks in and in no time you’ll have a new look for your Ikea Kvarnvik boxes! Super easy and super cute!

-B @ Union Grove